out in our town, and adorable faces

17 10 2011

I have been working on an article for a Ugandan magazine and got to capture some different views of Mbale.  Here are some new pics:

This is pretty much central town, looking into Republic street (the main street).

I love the view you can see of the Ridge here – Senior Quarters is about 1 km closer to the Ridge.  We get to celebrate new artworks everyday as the clouds surge,  grow and pour out their torrents over the varied hues of the boulders.  We never grow tired of looking up to the mountains, where the one who gives strength reminds us of His steadfastness.

Opposite turns down Republic Road.  The photo on the left is towards where the market used to be, and where many of the shops we use are.  The photo on the left is the direction of my class.

Life, for many people, is lived in small spaces.

Every now and again, I surprise myself at what can be accomplished in a stove top pot!  We had a strong ‘lus’ (longing) for chocolate cake/ dessert yesterday.  The result :

Totally delicious, egg-free and not too calorie-rich… yummy!

Today I saw we had interesting visitors hoping to benefit from our literacy classes.

This row of soil has been carried at least a metre up one of our stored benches, by ants/ termites.

Uganda’s ants are almost legendary.  They invade and take over all that they can.  I am not sure what to do about the challenge of these visitors. We do not have any where else to store our things, and we just cannot do anything better for a class venue right now. 

There is always something to BUG us, I suppose…



And I cannot resist taking photos of the delightful babies who come with Mammas to class.  I love sitting with them for a while to give mammas time to do some work, when the little ones do not need feeding. Today I got to be with Mark for a while:


The faces are so photogenic… the camera just HAS to be used! 

Blessings to you for the week ahead.




2 responses

12 04 2015

Hullo please,may we get in contact,am collecting more information about mbale town.for tourism.
am from mbale ,born in mbale and grown in mbale.

12 04 2015

Hi, Job. We are no longer living in Mbale. I can try to help you with what I know. contact karensuther (at)yahoo.co.uk

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