a glance into the week

14 10 2011

Here are some visuals to keep you informed of a few parts of life here. 

It is late Friday afternoon and I am totally knackered, which informs of a few things:

1.  We are both getting busier by the day

2. we don’t always sleep very well

3. the weather today is overcast and cloudy which makes us both so drowsy

4. I will not try to write too much too impressively!

Some productivity:

Pumpkin bread for tea (come on over for a cuppa) and chimikuwa seed pods, which are used to make a cool drink (It is not bad when mixed with Sprite!  Good on a hot day, with a bit of a reminder of baobab – for those who have tasted a few African fruits!)

It has been a hot, dry week.  Perfect for:

A new growth in my life has been helping at the local mission children school.  I help two mornings a week – the handsome guys on the swings are a few of the students.  Some more school images:

(the 7 students from Grade 2 to 7 have a pretty decent band going… great to see and hear).

Small plug here – if you have thought of teaching MKs or know anybody who would like to, we really need another teacher or 2!  Contact me for details.  There is no pay, no pension scheme, no hospital plan, but the death benefits of God’s kingdom are just out of this world! 

And you will get to deal with these  busy cutie pies every day! 

There is no official school on a Friday, so I can catch up with letter writing (write to me – I will write you in reply- it’s a guarantee) and eat a delicious brownie with awesome Ugandan coffee.  What a great place to be contemplative! 

The heat of the week was broken by a wonderful storm in the night and a day of soft rain, making all glitter with God’s rain-diamonds.


And I wanted to include a photo I will frame along with family photos and people that I miss greatly. The fridge light.  Now there’s something we don’t see every day! 

(Umeme, the electricity non-supplier, remains true to itself and we have had several current-free hours this week.).   I get to  enjoy the fridge light any time I want now…

Blessings for a great weekend, special people! 




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