A bit of what we see every day

8 10 2011

I don’t have a lot of news at the moment: we are both working hard and filling our days productively.  The drilling campaign is taking up a lot of Deon’s time and energy; he is tired and energy-prayers for him will be good. 

So here are some images from around Mbale.  Many are now rather normal for us but I do still often gasp in awe at  the beauty of Wanale Ridge.  This morning the clouds hung low  over the ridge: it reminded me of seeing Kirstenbosch gardens on a ‘tablecloth’ day in Cape Town.   Let’s give you a bit of a tour:

We share the space with many animals.  Some of the goats and cows have fascinating coats.  The artistry of the Creator abounds, even in livestock!

Typical buildings, streets. 



This is a great spot for cappuchinos, in the town itself.  The brownies are SO good (and I found out today they are made by a friend… see her website at the ned of today’s blog)

One of the views of one of the falls.  Ho hum… we have to see this kind of thing EVERY DAY… one of the trials we endure… ^_^


We still LOVE the greenery, the ridge, the falls and the environment.  We are meeting more and more people that we are developing friendships with.  Even though there are rough times and some challenges in relating to people here, we are still content and believe that God has us where He wants us.

One of the people I am getting to know a bit better is Natalie.  She is involved very directly helping with a huge challenge in Uganda: orphans.  There are many who have been affected by the wars in the north of Uganda just 5 or so years back, and issues of poverty, Aids and other trials have created the need for a number of homes for orphans. 

Read a bit of what Natalie is doing and please pray for the big challenges she faces in this ministry. blog




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