week end wanderings

1 10 2011

Dear Deon has been left for the mine labs at 8 this morning and has not returned yet – it is 5 as I write this.  It is now unavoidable to admit:  CRUNCH TIME HAS ARRIVED.  The drill rig is due to arrive any moment, and the laboratory is getting ready for its role in assessing the core.  Life will be consumed with all the drilling aspects for the next 4 or so months. 

Here is a little aspect of what I see here at home as samples are prepared for testing:

Samples gathered over the last few months are sorted, then dried in the sun.

Moses, the trainee geologist, is thorough in removing a small amount of sample, grinding it carefully then sieving it.  The smaller ground sample is then ready for testing at the labs.

(This is all greatly simplified… I am not too scientifically brain-wired!)


I am trying to get myself energised, as now I will have more time to do art and all the little things I enjoy.  I did enjoy an afternoon walk and realised how many little details can remind one of the LIFE-liness of life if we look for it.  As I turned a corner 3 little boys were trying to string an earthworm onto a hook to fish in a roadside drainage gulley – not very deep, but they were ever so hopeful.  I know they would not be expecting Nile Perch (which is often caught at around 40kg)  or maybe not even some of these:  – substantial tilapias caught in Lake Victoria earlier this week. 

It was a short lesson in optimism and just being a boy! As I walked into Linda’s yard to pick up a book, I saw a wriggling and fidgety wrangle of puppies – eight of them- scuttling over their mamma’s belly.  The reminder of simplicity of life struck me again.  Cute, adorable life, in a range of browns, ready to be loved on.  (these 8 puppies are needing homes.  Do you want a dog?)

As I walked home again the raucous  melody of a white browed robin filled the air: the jumbled sweet song of this elusive bird is a sweet call out to an enjoyment of life. 

Earlier in the week Mike had harvested beans from the garden: tender pink nourishing seeds to fill bellies or provide more shoots of green… 


All reminders of the testimony –

Ps 111

That is Psalm 111:2 – Great are the works of the LORD, they are studies by all who delight in them.




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