I can’t do this but I’m doing it anyway…

28 09 2011


Have you ever had one of those days, or those weeks?    I find that at times I just have to put my head down and run into the storms, when I know that my words will not be popular and our steadfastness in ideas may not be what others want to hear.  Right now I know Deon and I are both in a place where we need to keep focus on what is really important.

I read this morning:  “Trauma’s storm can mask the Christ and feelings can lie… All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends… fear believes there is not going to be enough… [but] I AM THE SPILLING GOD OF THE UNCONTAINABLE, FOREVER-OVERFLOWING-LOVE-GRACE’”  (Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts)

The storm may look ominous, (like this one yesterday over Lake Victoria) – but God does not step away from storms.  He either walks on the water or stays (sleeping!) in the boat! 

I so often need to be reminded that God is ever faithful and if He has called me, He will make each next step possible. 

One of my biggest difficulties was after Andrew had left.  We said goodbye in the middle of the night and I woke up the next morning with such a heaviness.  His exuberance and love of Uganda was catching and it was just plain darned fun to be around my boet again.  The only one in the world who calls me “Zeezee”, the one who truly grabs all of the opportunities and wrings every moment of fun from them … and I just KNOW how the thought of cold weather, order and ‘lagom’ are not his chosen preferences…

Here are some memories  of the last days in Uganda:

Checking out matooke (plantains) and chillin’ on the Nile’s banks…

Getting ready for the adventure of rafting on the Nile… THOSE rapids he is pointing out!

I was reminded today:


We are not on the same level of adventure as  Andrew is, and I was happily petting Bambi, the lodge’s bushbuck.  (I want one, I want one!)

On Sunday we needed some time to just chill and went through a bit of the Entebbe Botanic Gardens.  The gardens are fun to explore, and the jungle areas are amazing… a few Tarzan films were recorded here!  Deon got to do some of his favourite ‘klipsitting’.

We also saw this amazing PURPLE dragonfly… God is amazing in his attention to detail!

And saw a water monitor lizard – doing his best to hide.

We value prayers at this time – Deon is in a particularly busy time with work and there are several challenges he faces daily.  I need to know God’s best plan for my classes – I want things to be self sustaining as soon as we leave, but there are a few challenges around that concept here.




2 responses

3 10 2011

I’m so happy I found your amazing blog (via Ravelry). “May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” ~ Psalm 115:15
~ Lauren

27 10 2011

Found your blog through Ravelry too. Love the quote from Ann Voskamp’s book, which I have. Thanks for the reminder!!

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