Back to realities…

22 09 2011

I love to share on the blog, and I have HEAPS to share with you, but I feel slumpy at the moment.  There are numerous realities that are crowding my mind:  Deon has a hectic load with very little support at the moment, I am at a crossroads with the classes  and spiritually something feels off (I am often as intuitive as a pachydermal rhino… don’t know exactly what the cause is).  My nature is also to feel for the needs of others and I can quite easily get drawn into the hurt of individuals: a new student in my class, herself very young, with a baby, asked that we pray for her husband – he was admitted to hospital because he has ‘gone mad’ (not too sure what that means here).

Another situation I am praying for is Sara, mentioned in several several places on the blogoshere this week, as she is getting ready to meet Jesus at any moment.  Some links to her story: Sara 1,Sara 2, and Sara 3.  I think of a family grieving a loss too soon and then think of others – needing comfort, in pain, and struggling with the multitude of life’s issues.  These are the realities we must all face.  I know that in each situation Christ can be felt so closely and in reality.  I pray that people will seek this presence.  But the pain is still real.  The tears still fill buckets.  The heart wrenching is agonising.  


Here are a few moments through the week with Andrew – loving having him here and sharing this real world with him.

Good African food: Stoney ginger beer, matooke, lots of meat and lush tropical fruit.

rock clambering around the falls a short way from our house.  Do you think he loved it?


Broadening the world-scope of Ugandans who have no idea of snow, cold, and how it looks (we ARE on the Equator!) .  The main thread of their questions – what vegetables and animals grow in the area? (answer – very very few!) How on earth do you dress for that kind of cold? (answer – there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing). 



We also spent an half hour in the market getting shoes made in the local style. 

Andrew in Mbale 038

– these are made from old car tyres – pulled and cut apart, and then worn for up to five years.  Good use of recycling!


The time has gone by far too quickly.  A bit of white water rafting on the Nile remains for Andrew (this does not appeal to Deon and me!) and then he leaves on Sat night. 


Then reality resumes.  What is our purpose here?  How does God want us to work in all the dirt and distress around us, and how can we live light and grace right here?  

Wishing you grace in every moment of your reality today.




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23 09 2011

😦 back to realities… realizations are the most difficult part.. realizing and accepting…


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