siblings seeing the sights

18 09 2011

Andrew arrived in Uganda on Thursday morning for a fully packed trip.  Only four days in I am realising that ten days with my brother in this place is just not enough!  (which means a return visit is inevitable).

I got to explore Uganda is a very different way to how Deon and I travel.  Andrew-the-adventurer is totally bubbly  and people oriented – from the humble tour- drivers to the editor of a key magazine become totally charmed by his friendly powers!  I get to know so many people and see things through his eyes… it is almost magical! 

In a few days we did SO MUCH!   

1.  (Imagine me jumping up and down)  – I saw chimps in the wild!   There were only three of them, but we spent a long time watching them and the whole experience of being in the forest for several hours remains a deeply moving sensation. 

Budongo chimps, top MF 108Budongo chimps, top MF 098

There it is- no fences or cages!  Wow! 

Budongo chimps, top MF 054

(Real tree huggers and bush lovers, we are!)

2.  Off to the top of Murchison Falls.  Such an AWESOME place – in the true meaning of the word!   Powerful sounds of water crashing over rocks, sprays drenching through fabric onto sun-starched skin and irrefutable evidence of a mightily creative God.  And we planked it too! 


3.  two terrific and totally different trips on the Nile.  The first a cruise with cheese and biscuits, just for the 2 of us with a guide, and then the second on a big cruise up to the base of the Falls.  Both amazing and great! 


– Can you see the rainbow in the background?  So amazing! 









4. Experiencing the supreme blessing of being in African bush, seeing African wildlife and smelling good African air after a thunderstorm… it remains immensely soul satisfying!

Piapiacs (birds) abound in the area – and we saw not one but TWO of these odd giraffes with strange colouration.   (These giraffe are smaller than SA’s – they are Rothschild’s giraffe.  beautiful)


All these many blessings – wow!  I need to get to sleep now – in our own Mbale bed, with my darling husband… getting ready for a hectic catch up week. 




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