Spring Sunday splendour!

11 09 2011

Such a lovely time here with family and special friends.  The weather has been most kind on our heat-loving bodies and the scents of jasmine, wisteria and hope fill the air.

Some scenes that have delighted our eyes: 

And one that gave me the shivers, crawling out of the kitchen sink (note – we do NOT have arachnids of this size at our place  in Uganda!  Rain spiders ARE found in Joburg…)

SA family 004

IT may be a while before I post again – not too sure when Web access will be easy again.




3 responses

12 09 2011

These are lovely pictures! I do have to say, if I saw a spider that big I would faint. Right there, on the spot. 🙂

13 09 2011

Susan, who was about to wash dishes just about did. I did too. Thank God for husbands who push through the fear to save us! ^_^

13 09 2011
Melissa Staehli

Beautiful pictures, Karen! Except for that spider. Yikes!


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