Family, mall treats and life is precious!

6 09 2011

We are doing very well, in case you are wondering! 


There is not much time to get onto the ‘net at the moment – we are far too busy chatting with family, getting and giving hugs and sharing what has happened to us all in the last few months.

It is amazing how special Uganda has become to us: we are missing our people there, and the Jo’burg atmosphere is playing havoc with our moisture-dependant systems!  The air is dry and we cannot get enough water in our bodies and lip-ice on our lips!  But I am getting a chance to go to art lessons, travel through the malls and that is such fun!


Deon and I are quite happy to be alive… yesterday Deon ate some fish which caused an allergic reaction: tingling lips, rashes and we realised we had to dash to a doctor when Deon started seeing white lights covering everything.  An injection and a good sleep later he is much better!


I choked waiting at a KFC today when Deon was not around -  My bulging eyeballs, red face and frantic hand motions attracted a heroine’s attention who beat my back and helped me until the servers passed over some water. 

We both realise we are not at all ready for the other to do an ending act! 

Pictures of all the beautiful blossoms and green shoots on the trees will follow.




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