a singing heart

1 09 2011

You would not say we are leaving for SA tomorrow… I have not packed my suitcase, am sitting surfing the net..

Deon and I were chatting earlier and it is almost a drag to go to SA!  This place has become so comfortable and enjoyable for us.  If we did not have the appeal of family in SA we may not go back! 

But back to soul satisfaction later.


I had an art date today!  I put up a notice in a coffee shop in town and others are interested in informal art stuff.  Cameron, a young American guy, came over and we chatted, doodled and drew for a few hours.  The rain came pouring in on the verandah after a while, but it was great to sit and do art with somebody else.  I really miss my art classes in Joburg.  There are 2 others who are interested in joining us and there may be more… this is wonderful!

This is all part of a sense of blessing and gratitude for being where we are.  SO MANY ways show how God reveals His favour:

# A lovely home with HUGE space, big trees, birds and bugs to please our nature-lovin’ hearts

# God’s provision for us – and I don’t have to rely on support from others to do my mission-heart desirings.  (I opened a bank account last week, with executive gold-card privileges.  5 years back I would never have thought this possible! and so far I have not earned any of my own money… )

#The chance to be doing the kind of things we both enjoy.  Deon is not sitting in a small office all day, but gets to be out and about quite a lot.  I get to do missions type things: teaching skills, working with people, hopefully living discipleship day by day.

# We feel safe and enjoy so many of the people around us.

I wanted to share how God is using others and fulfilling their ministries through us: This is from an email received from Cari, an amazing contact I randomly came across while seeking help with Adult literacy:

I am so happy we can serve you. About twelve years ago, before I was called
to serve here and long before we built our new facility (6 years ago) people
working on the first planning thought that we should someday be an
International Institute that served people like you. I read this in the
paper documents of the planning. Please know that today all of my colleagues
were rejoicing when I told them of our correspondence that we have been able
to serve you in this way.
So though we serve you, you are an answer to a long ago Godly prayer, even
though we no longer remember who spoke it.

It is SO AMAZING to be part of a big body where every person can be the answer to the prayers of others… this is one big kingdom we work for!

I was reminded of the verse shared with Pastor Leigh Robinson from Rosebank Union Church when Deon and I were preparing for our marriage.

The LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes". Psalm 118:23

God is good and He is faithful.  We may not feel it everyday but that is His nature – he cannot be Who He is not.  and we are His children…   what a privilege. friday 031







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