the week before a home visit

30 08 2011

There is so much to remember to try and do… packing things in, writing down the lists of what to do and bring back from the home country, still teaching all the usual things and doing all the usual stuff that needs to be done from day to day…  Part of the fun is that when we arrive my brother is coming to visit for a while, which is great… just gives a teensy bit more planning to do now so we can really enjoy the time when he arrives! 


Completedphonesox 018Completedphonesox 008First knit goods, wood owl 019

I am gathering phonesox by the heap to take back and sell in SA.  It is amazing how quickly the ladies have learned how to make their own designs and find ways to work with plarn… I am excited to see if the socks will sell in SA!  (They do still look a little like what they are- the first made items by a group of ladies who have never seen knitting before.  But I still think they are great!)


We have not had any rain today which feels amazing!  The sun could dry our clothes, and Wanale Ridge was radiant and fully exposed, where it has been skulking behind grey clouds for a while!  Yesterday we had rain throughout the day and it was brutal to have to get out of bed!  We need to get a rain gauge but my guess is that we had about 250 mm rain between Sunday lunch time and last night, if it was not more.  The cratered roads were screaming for a bit of dry relief!   (Not much difference in size between the volcanic craters and Male roads at the moment!)


So.  Time to go work through the lists, get more accomplished so that I can be proud of work well done. 




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