Any-one have an ark?

28 08 2011

It is a wet wet Sunday night – we have had pouring rain for hours here and I wonder if we should start gathering wood and begin pairing up animals…   It is good for the earth, but I feel so sorry for the hundreds of people in wooden shacks, mud huts and similar when this rain carries on and on…

We came back a bit early from a night away on the Nile River so that we would avoid the muddy roads – the rain was starting to fall as we decided to leave and it was not easy to sun-tan any longer!  But we SO enjoyed our time at the Haven.  We decided to stop over on the way home from a Kampala trip and relax a bit before a few really busy weeks. 

The Haven 038

With a view from the stoep like this one, and the continuous lull of the Nile breaking over rapids, relaxation is inevitable.  To assist the chill mood, this is the stoep furniture:

The Haven 037

Can you see the bit of hammock in the top left corner? Swing AND hammock – how lucky can relaxers be?  

The décor is tasteful, African functionality and obviously the abundance of green feeds the soul.  The food was totally wonderful with a breakfast for the memory books – coldmeats, hot bread rolls, brilliant coffee and fruit juice… ah.  Love it. 

Then there is the bonus of these beautiful sights:

The Haven 012The Haven 028

The Haven 002The Haven 007

This was a great way to spend a night away from home! 

And complimented a great shopping trip in Kampala too – how lucky can a girl be? 




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