tuesday tidings

23 08 2011

So much was going on today!  The usual stuff – slow internet, trying to keep up with admin things and sorting the house, and Deon off to the mine for a bit. 

We got a chance to finish off this:  First knit goods, wood owl 038

Some of our own homemade tomato sauce!  The tomatoes are not ours yet, but the basil and parsley ingredients are from the garden and we put it all together! 

It is fun being productive!


This productivity was seen in the knit class today too. Unfortunately not everybody was present – only 3 students – but they are hard at it!  I have promised to try to sell their wares – phonesocks- on a trip to SA soon.  If you want one of these please place an order, otherwise we will sell off as many as we can to whomsoever looks gullible enough in SA!  These are the very first knitted items for many of the ladies, and the colour patterns are their own designs.

First knit goods, wood owl 026First knit goods, wood owl 034

zebra phonesocks…                                  And Sarah with the students in class today.

First knit goods, wood owl 004First knit goods, wood owl 002

Many kaveeras (plastic bags)                       become balls of plarn ready to be used.


Soon after we arrived home from class we were paid a very special visit, from this young dude: First knit goods, wood owl 042

Near the gate so that Sarah was too scared to pass by him (although she is not superstitious about owls many people here are and often try to kill them as they supposedly announce death. ) Sarah had seen him try to fly from a tree but he had not quite made it and sat at the gate for a long time.  He was too frightened to move with all of us watching, but later tried to fly again.

Juvenile wood owl is my favourite bird for this week!


Attempting lift off… but not enough lift just yet!

First knit goods, wood owl 140


We warned everyone to leave him alone and we hope that momma and poppa owl will come and fetch him later. We have seen the owls again this week, so the best care is with parents.




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