down on the street where we live

18 08 2011

thursday 011

This is Bungonkho Road, Senior Quarters.  A presidential residence is on the one end (yes, he apparently really does stay here when he (rarely) visits town).  About 1,5 km further, on the other end of the road, is a field which is meant to belong to Mbale Rugby Club, but is under a land dispute, so it hosts cows, a few soccer games and a half-built house. 

thursday 016Also on our street we have the grandest hotel in town, several USAid offices and a number of homes in all states of repair.  The tarmac itself could do with repair  –and what you see here is one of the best sections of the road! It is far more common for the vehicles to ride OFF the road than on it! 

A while back while walking down our street, we saw a mom stopping to let her child take a call of nature in the middle of the road.  I commented “When you gotta go, you gotta go!” Within seconds we saw a used condom lying on the verge. Deon added “and when you gotta come…” 

There is always something to make you take notice!


I LOVE Bungonkho Road. The entrance to Mbale is not very impressive – it is dirty, crowded and the first part is through an industrial area. I remember my heart dropping when we first rode into the town. But after driving through the industrial area, past the Hindu temple, around the clock tower and down Republic Road, the sight of massive trees and a little more space welcomes the heart to feel peace.

We can see the Ridge very nicely from several spots along Bungonkho Road, and get a great glimpse of the main falls from our driveway (Which is where the pic below was taken).   Looking up to Wanale Ridge (as I try to do at thursday 009least 50 times a day) gives me hope and comfort. I am reminded of Psalm 121 in the Message which reminds that the God who makes the mountains is in control! He keeps the waterfalls flowing, the rockfaces blushing and the vegetation blooming – He can surely provide and guide for each day.


I love the peace of our area. As I write this the electricity is out, and people tend to be a lot more still generally when that is so.  The frogs, cicadas and sometimes a bat are loud, I hear the vague bass-beats of a party in the distance.  But there are no sirens, no rushing cars or loud motorcycles, no thrumming of citypanic. We hear a few boda-bodas drive by; and the odd car.  But the chance to hear the wood owls calling or simply the stillness amidst a number of people so appeals to us! thursday 012


We have several large trees around. Our own yard has a number of local species towering up, and then down the road we have a good presentation too.  When I took these pictures we were rather short on the usual farming stock: it is common for  Mzee (old man) to be watching his 4 cows as they graze on our pavement; goats regularly stop by and roosters strut after their chickens as if the suburb belongs to them alone.  This too is something I love – it is not the usual town life of the Jo’burg suburbs. 


We have rather silent neighbours – we have not met the people across the street and one side of us is looking for a tenant (Wanna come stay in Uganda? It really is awesome!)  We are developing a good friendship with Debra, on of the other neighbours and have peaceful relationship with the owner of that home (a lady from Karimajong).    Ah!  I LOVE looking out of my kitchen window, or being comfortable in my home without fear of an un-neighbourly attack.  (Some will understand the massive blessing this is to me!)

I hope you enjoyed the little trip around our immediate neighborhood.  It is a tranquil place and you are welcome to come and see and experience the vibes. 




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21 08 2011

I did enjoy the trip around your neighborhood. the photos are a wonderful addition to your descriptions.

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