Madam, it’s fantastic!

17 08 2011

These words made weeks of concern, effort and challenge so worthwhile.  It is quite usual for ladies to miss classes here – malaria, caring for family members and a range of other issues keep the ladies away.  Jacinta had missed the class on how to make plarn, and I had a quick catch up with her yesterday.  When she saw a plastic bag magically become meters and meters of plarn her expression lit up and the significant words reached deep into my heart. 

So many of my wishes to see the ladies get to the place where they can make and sell their own products are carried in those words.  Give a man a fish, he has food for a day.  Teach a lady to knit and her family and friends will have knitted goodies forever and she can hopefully earn a life in an African village! 

Besides that: we have had a lot of rainy weather here.  Wanale Ridge looks gorgeous – sometimes 5 waterfalls are visible.  IT DOES have the effect of just wanting to sleep which is not great for productivity! 

This dragonfly visitor dropped in yesterday and stayed for a while:  I think it was very dazed and so was willing to stay on my finger for a long time!


You know you are not in the civilised shiny west when you are waiting to use the ATM (yes, we DO have those here!) and the maintenance crew of the gardens appear:



Yup.  The resident goats.  A few plants down the main road get special attention, but mostly the goats get to eat whatever their little bleating hearts want to eat!  You’ve just gotta  (or goata??) love Africa!




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