mats in the mail on monday

15 08 2011

                        … and a toad in a turdstool …

Great stuff!  Andrew followed advice of mailing to Uganda, and indicated the content was religiously significant (so that people are less inclined to pilfer the goods) matty monday 006

… but I do wonder how many understand the trinity sign, and if ‘offerings’ suggests a donation to Ugandans seeking generosity?  It brought an extra smile to my lips and heart.  Then there were the Swedish mats sent IN the parcel, with a few godis (Swedish candy – a real treat for me).  So now our house feels a little more homely and reminds me even MORE of the mission houses I spent time in in Komatipoort, Groblersdal and even Bronkhorstpruit (for those in the USA, these are REAL places in SA!)  

matty monday 015

Deon had an unexpected visitor today. We are not sure where he came from, but it is a bit of excitement, I suppose.  I just hope we never have reptiles emerging through the pipes! 

matty monday 001




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