Forty years of grace

14 08 2011

MomnDad Jokkmokk

Today Mom and Dad celebrate 40 years of being married.  I want to honour them and God for the favour of such an achievement!

In this time when people quit so easily, or resort to many other excuses, Mom and Dad have been a great example to us, their children, and to thousands of others – to the many students they have taught, to the families through youth groups, church congregations and friends, home-cell groups… wow.  Your lives have impacted on so many who are now across the world!


From the time that God brought you together at Central Baptist church in Johannesburg, there were unusual things you were destined to do together: three daughters who became part of the family, starting 2 successful Christian schools, supporting cross-cultural missions in many places, and keeping on going through the hardships just these blessings brought as well as others.    Never sleeping apart, even after Mom’s big back operation, never giving up on each other’s dreams and callings, never calling it quits even if it would seem easier at the time…

I am so glad that this year has been such a fun one: Mauritius, Reunion, Sweden… and home! 

To my dear Mom and Dad, congratulations on your anniversary.  Thank you for setting such a great example of marriage to all of us. 

We love you lots and pray God will continue to make your life blessed and a blessing.




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