Knit 1, frog 7 …

11 08 2011

Knitting classes are moving very slowly!  I see more work being pulled out than completed but the ladies continue to persevere.  I hope that next week we will be able to sew up the baby shoes they are knitting at the moment.

weekinAugust 040

There is a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere in the class as the ladies concentrate and frog the last efforts (for non-knitters, frogging is pulling out failed efforts at stitches) and I think they enjoy a bit of time when they are not being tugged on by children or having to work hard around the home.

weekinAugust 034

These are the hands of workers – no manicures, or even rubber gloves – but much love. I can see the Father in heaven one day picking up and kissing these hands that have chored diligently here on earth.

weekinAugust 030 

How many knitting classes have such a lovely view? We have had almost non-stop rain for the last 24 hours and there are at least 5 waterfalls evident from down the road (our wonderfully big trees block the waterfalls from view in our house’s yard – ho hum!)

weekinAugust 026

The roads were mud-luscious this morning.  Now they are simply MUD!  I have worn a jersey all day which is really unusual here, and we had a stew for lunch.  There is a slightly Cape Town winter feel about! 

Deon HAD to grab a picture of this the other day: weekinAugust 001

What it is to have a greenie-crafter for a wife!  I was trying hard to get the bottles dried to make this:

weekinAugust 010weekinAugust 011

There is a dire shortage of toys for the babies who come along to class.  These are not too noisy but I hope to keep the little ones amused:  yarn of different colours glued into the lids of the bottles, with rice and beans in the bottle.  It is not too noisy and should keep little hands and eyes slightly busy.





Here is evidence of how different worlds collide here in Uganda:

weekinAugust 020  We only have electricity every second night (the explanation is lengthy and, as usual, strange – involving money that the government owes).  We do have a generator but I find the noise a bit irritating at times, and the rain last night was not a fun place to be to get the gennie in the garage going.   So we work on the computer and phone family by candle light…

We have a romantic feel to the house very often!  We do have superb solar lamps from Ikea too, so we cope quite well. 




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