Lotsa livin’ goin’ on…

10 08 2011

Sorry for absence for a few days.  Things are busy and we don’t have great access to internet all the time, like running out of gigs on the orange-stick (our internet service provider).  We have just arrived back from a quick trip to Kampala, and just the trip leaves me tired!  There is the usual running around to buy goods we cannot get in Mbale – I bought a pile of readers for my class and cannot wait to see how they are received. 

In the literacy classes we are going through the book of Luke, taking a story at a time.  I managed to find an easy reading downloadable version of Luke (http://www.easyenglish.info/english-learners-bible/luke-taw.htm) with a vocabulary of only 1200 words. I had copies of this made for the group.  Copies here are not always great, the binding and covers used 3 clashing colours… but when I handed out the 36 page-booklet to each student it was like I had given them a priceless gem.  This is the first Bible access many of these ladies have.  I had  a huge lump in my throat:  how many times do we take the Bible for granted?  How often do we push it aside, and not realise the worth it holds?

The shining eyes of Alice, the grin on Scovia’s face, Juliet’s eager paging through the copy… God’s Word is RICH and valuable and will make a difference.  As a class we have one version of a Lugisu New Testament ( –this is one of 36 languages in Uganda and I do not think an entire Bible in Lugisu exists) and this version is falling apart.  I have got a good chance to get a full version of the Bible for each student soon, and I cannot wait to see that reaction.  We are working on being able to READ the Bibles they have received and to understand the value of the words. 

    … I just wondered if we value the 25 odd versions of the Bible available in English.  I would so love to have captured the expressions of my ladies to share with you, that you would look into the Word with the freshness and gratitude of the gift that we have of God’s love letter to us!

There are so many opportunities with this group … but there is so little I can do to meet the needs.  I pray that God will allow all of His plans for the lives of these ladies and for the larger group they represent to be fulfilled. Knit enthusiasm1

I am exceedingly grateful for the help we have been receiving – needles and yarn from the west (USA) , south (SA)  and east (Australia)  have been arriving.  It makes an incredible difference as my little bamboo contraptions were just not good enough and I cannot find dowel sticks to try other inventions!

(If the ladies arrive early they will sit and practise their knitting while they wait – they love the skills they are acquiring!)


I so wish I could sit over a delightful cup of cappuccino and share stories with you face to face.  I miss friends from all over. I would love a hilarious giggle with Di, a heart-to-heart with Dezzie or a lekker klets with Anschke.  I am longing for hugs from Nadia, Tessa and Tyla or genuine catchups with all my family and friends (sorry if I cannot mention all of you here!)   Would this entice you to come visit?


This AMAZING, delicious artwork awaits you!  And the cappuccino is so so delicious!  The foam is frothy, the coffee brewed to perfection… ah! Uganda is not ALL backward darkness!  (electrical loadshedding every second night notwithstanding… I type this by candlelight!) We found these amazing delights in Kampala, and I seriously have not found the likes of it anywhere in SA.  You will have to come visit us to try it out! 




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