fabulous fridays

5 08 2011

Yay!  The end of another week, with a good amount of various things accomplished and signs of God’s care all around us. 

We have regular power outages or laodshedding – every second evening the power is out for the night.  As I write this there is no electricity again; I don’t know what this one is about but this IS the real Africa! A generator is now part of the community but we are still working on all the connections.  We have adjusted to ‘powerless’ living fairly well but need to keep our meat frozen – when the fridge is off for over 24 hours I do begin to worry!

friday 007

Lunch under the trees on a Friday cannot ever be a bad thing, and we had mango-tree shade today, just to be different.  On the menu today: friday 009

That is what matooke looks like, boiled and mashed.  Deon really loves this staple of Uganda so it is great that we grow it too! Here it is LOOONG before being boiled and mashed:

friday 014

Matooke, or plantains, look a lot like banana. They don’t turn yellow and they must be cooked. There is NOTHING of a banana taste to them: they are a pretty decent starchy taste. ?!

Sarah and I are trying to figure out how to make newspaper baskets.  We need good storage baskets for all the plarning and we also need to use up some newspapers.  The baskets are not as easy as it seems but the basket weaving is fun!  I will still play around a bit to find out what works. 

friday 001

friday 004

My first attempt is strong enough to carry a decent pile of papers!  amazing! And it is just from strips of folded newspaper!

friday 003






I LOVED the look of these pretty garden show-offs:

friday 023friday 031

More from the Scheepers-sphere will follow soon. 




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5 08 2011

Very resourceful, making baskets out of newspaper and knitting with plastic bags. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I look forward to your next post.

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