garden glamour

2 08 2011

We stepped out to see the lower gardens today – the reason to get Deon down there was that a stretch of our fencing has been stolen, which is an irritation and reminder that nasty folks are around.  But it gave me a chance to admire all that is growing down in the veggie farm: the carrots, cabbages and beans are all doing the growing thing so nicely, and the tomatoes are beginning to flower.  I had to stop and admire the beauty of this one:

How amazing are those colours? 001


Of course,  I do not bravely face their colours INSIDE me, but they are special to behold!

My South African experimentals are doing quite well too – the spring onions are springing and cherry tomatos are showing their oomph!  Basil are going for it, and even the lettuce are hanging in there.  A dill or two are surviving and my baby marrows are in bloom!  Have you ever stopped to appreciate the beauty of the blossoms? Wow!  They radiate the Creator’s finesse!



Classes are moving on, though with fewer students at the moment.  Today a package arrived with lots of wonderfully bright yarn and a set of big needles for each lady – wow! They are grateful!  I taught the ladies how to make plarn today and it went far better than I had hoped.  Many are eager to see what this ‘black gold’ can do. The black plastic bags given out readily in the market and at the supermarket may finally be turned to something useful for these ladies – an income – if we manage to apply all the skills we can.  When I remember the camera class photos will follow! 




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