a host of pretty butterflies flutter by…

1 08 2011

Trip west Jul 11 547Trip west Jul 11 549

This is one of my favourites!  But really, the snaps do it no justice.  This is the papilio phorcas – or green banded swallowtail (male).  The turquoise green caught my eyes with its glimmer rather often.  They radiate serenity and artistry.

I mentioned last week of walking through flocks (or herds? big groups, anyway!) of butterflies. They came within centimetres of my fingers and scintillated peace to my soul. This was in the Bigodi wetland area.


some more Kibale forest delights: IMG_6709





Hope that you enjoyed those!  I have never seen the diversity and number of butterflies as I have seen in Uganda; each day offers a spectacle of wonder for those who will behold it.


Off to class in  a short while.  Prayers for classes would be appreciated!  There is a great deal to do and I often feel lonely in applying everything. 




One response

5 08 2011
Melissa Staehli

Hi Karen!

I love the pictures of these beautiful butterflies! How wonderful to see that many in one place. I love looking at God’s beauty! Thank you for sharing it with me. 🙂

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