the week before a home visit

30 08 2011

There is so much to remember to try and do… packing things in, writing down the lists of what to do and bring back from the home country, still teaching all the usual things and doing all the usual stuff that needs to be done from day to day…  Part of the fun is that when we arrive my brother is coming to visit for a while, which is great… just gives a teensy bit more planning to do now so we can really enjoy the time when he arrives! 


Completedphonesox 018Completedphonesox 008First knit goods, wood owl 019

I am gathering phonesox by the heap to take back and sell in SA.  It is amazing how quickly the ladies have learned how to make their own designs and find ways to work with plarn… I am excited to see if the socks will sell in SA!  (They do still look a little like what they are- the first made items by a group of ladies who have never seen knitting before.  But I still think they are great!)


We have not had any rain today which feels amazing!  The sun could dry our clothes, and Wanale Ridge was radiant and fully exposed, where it has been skulking behind grey clouds for a while!  Yesterday we had rain throughout the day and it was brutal to have to get out of bed!  We need to get a rain gauge but my guess is that we had about 250 mm rain between Sunday lunch time and last night, if it was not more.  The cratered roads were screaming for a bit of dry relief!   (Not much difference in size between the volcanic craters and Male roads at the moment!)


So.  Time to go work through the lists, get more accomplished so that I can be proud of work well done. 


Any-one have an ark?

28 08 2011

It is a wet wet Sunday night – we have had pouring rain for hours here and I wonder if we should start gathering wood and begin pairing up animals…   It is good for the earth, but I feel so sorry for the hundreds of people in wooden shacks, mud huts and similar when this rain carries on and on…

We came back a bit early from a night away on the Nile River so that we would avoid the muddy roads – the rain was starting to fall as we decided to leave and it was not easy to sun-tan any longer!  But we SO enjoyed our time at the Haven.  We decided to stop over on the way home from a Kampala trip and relax a bit before a few really busy weeks. 

The Haven 038

With a view from the stoep like this one, and the continuous lull of the Nile breaking over rapids, relaxation is inevitable.  To assist the chill mood, this is the stoep furniture:

The Haven 037

Can you see the bit of hammock in the top left corner? Swing AND hammock – how lucky can relaxers be?  

The décor is tasteful, African functionality and obviously the abundance of green feeds the soul.  The food was totally wonderful with a breakfast for the memory books – coldmeats, hot bread rolls, brilliant coffee and fruit juice… ah.  Love it. 

Then there is the bonus of these beautiful sights:

The Haven 012The Haven 028

The Haven 002The Haven 007

This was a great way to spend a night away from home! 

And complimented a great shopping trip in Kampala too – how lucky can a girl be? 

wild WETness

25 08 2011

I had a totally different blog in mind earlier today, but then THIS happened: African Rain 005

And then this happened:

African Rain 011African Rain 027

so this happened:

African Rain 023

(lots or water pooled outside our entrance – at least 15cm deep there!)

so this then happened:

African Rain 049with a bit of this: African Rain 036

and a bit of this happened:


and then a bit of this happened too:


and then Deon was very cold.  So all that was planned for today’s blog will happen on another day because we wanted to share the delight of an astounding African rain storm.  It leaves jewels and wonders that bring joy to the heart, like this:


honoured and happy

24 08 2011

After a most refreshing rain storm this afternoon (read – it came belting down like mad – Afrikaans: Katte en honde en oumeide met knobkieries –It rained cats and dogs and old maids with walking sticks!) The waterfalls are chocolate-coloured (not choc flavoured!!) , the roads are like rivers and it affected class attendance today as the timing was exactly right for class time!  But the storms are still delightful and everything is fresh. 

Owl report: we saw dear Momma owl being mobbed by a million mossies (sparrows) this morning, and Dude-owl is sitting in a tree… he First knit goods, wood owl 113made it through the night and the storm!  YAY! 

Other little birds do not like the owls very much, but the flies LOVE buzzing around – there must be quite a carrion air to owls!  We follow the movements of the family eagerly and will give updates every now and again.


The Honour of the title is that I was nominated for a blog award!  This is a real joy for me – I write to keep the folks at home updated on happenings, and if others follow that is great.  So this is special, and I eagerly help other new bloggers / not-as-famous-as-google bloggers: I grin when I see readership increasing! 

This is the award:


Liebster means "friend" in German, so I TOO am very pleased to be included!

The award is intended to highlight less well known blogs who have something great to share. The rules for the Liebster Blog Award are:
1. Accept the award and thank the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Pass it to 3-5 blogs with less than 200 followers and tell them that they’ve received it.
3. Link back to the person who gave it to you.

– what a great way to share the love!  I like it a lot! 

Thank you, Katie, for your award.  I love the communication we have already shared, even though we have not met! 

Katie and I started chatting in NanoWrimo last year, when we hooked up on and have chatted a lot since then.  The positive approach and lovely pics on Katie’s blog are worth popping in to – and not all of us have been to Tasmania, so a Tasmanian experience is great fun to read!


My nominations are:

1.  My brother’s blog from Sweden, nordic etch.  I love the pictures and musings of an SA student coping with many new experiences.  And I just love my brother to bits.

2.  A blog from a missionary on an island in Lake Victoria, journey of faith.  I see a lot of myself in this girl and admire her persistence and she writes well.  And I am a bit jealous of her chance of living on an island!

3.  I drop by into this blog periodically and enjoy the pragmatic approach of the writer.  I t is from a world so different to mine, and I enjoy the views of another life.  journey north.


Many of the blogs I follow are rather popular and have huge followings.  I like the idea of helping people from all over the world get read.


Blessings for Thursday for you!

tuesday tidings

23 08 2011

So much was going on today!  The usual stuff – slow internet, trying to keep up with admin things and sorting the house, and Deon off to the mine for a bit. 

We got a chance to finish off this:  First knit goods, wood owl 038

Some of our own homemade tomato sauce!  The tomatoes are not ours yet, but the basil and parsley ingredients are from the garden and we put it all together! 

It is fun being productive!


This productivity was seen in the knit class today too. Unfortunately not everybody was present – only 3 students – but they are hard at it!  I have promised to try to sell their wares – phonesocks- on a trip to SA soon.  If you want one of these please place an order, otherwise we will sell off as many as we can to whomsoever looks gullible enough in SA!  These are the very first knitted items for many of the ladies, and the colour patterns are their own designs.

First knit goods, wood owl 026First knit goods, wood owl 034

zebra phonesocks…                                  And Sarah with the students in class today.

First knit goods, wood owl 004First knit goods, wood owl 002

Many kaveeras (plastic bags)                       become balls of plarn ready to be used.


Soon after we arrived home from class we were paid a very special visit, from this young dude: First knit goods, wood owl 042

Near the gate so that Sarah was too scared to pass by him (although she is not superstitious about owls many people here are and often try to kill them as they supposedly announce death. ) Sarah had seen him try to fly from a tree but he had not quite made it and sat at the gate for a long time.  He was too frightened to move with all of us watching, but later tried to fly again.

Juvenile wood owl is my favourite bird for this week!


Attempting lift off… but not enough lift just yet!

First knit goods, wood owl 140


We warned everyone to leave him alone and we hope that momma and poppa owl will come and fetch him later. We have seen the owls again this week, so the best care is with parents.

other blogs from uganda I love to follow

22 08 2011

So, I won’t overwhelm you.  There are a few that I follow and one really good one that has now moved location – base, which is a pity.  But these are 2 that I enjoy and learn from.

Photoblog – this site has great photography and few words. I think the photography is outstanding and you can look at the history to follow stories ands see some different perspectives to ours. 

The next is an amazing young girl – often tissues (kleenex) are needed on hand!  Katie came to Uganda at 20/21 years of age, has adopted 13 daughters and is making a world of difference in this world.  Her strong faith and yearning for Christ’s kingdom challenges me over and over again.   the journey

  – I am waiting for the publication of Katie’s new book – please let me know when you see this in publication.


Back with our own news soon!

weekend wonders

21 08 2011

weekinAugust 037Things are going along well here.  Deon is doing his best at work and is impressing the bosses with his pragmatic and realistic approach.  Classes have been going quite well – but with stormy weather the ladies have been arriving very late.  They are encouraged as I have promised to try sell their fist knitted gear on an upcoming trip to SA.   We have some fun visitors to class too – these little ones stepped right in while class was in progress. Hopefully their English improves a little! 

There are various ideas to improve the classes gestating in my mind and heart.  Please pray around these ideas – that they will be God’s plans, not mine and that if it IS from Him, that the ideas will work out. 

banana bread recipe 011Sarah-the-superb continues to amaze me.  We have a great deal in common and she is enjoying chances to learn new crafting skills.  Sarah rushes through her house chores so that we can try different crafting ideas, that may or may not work for classes.  Sarah is quite artistic – on Friday afternoon she sat on the floor (where she wanted to sit) and played with my tubes of guache, and this is what she achieved, with NO help from me!


We have been trying some paper arts , and have designed candle holders, which are MUCH needed here with regular load shedding.  If we can make a number of these, I hope to be able to sell some in town.Coiled paper, which takes a LOT of time to put together, candleholders.  TADA!    banana bread recipe 010banana bread recipe 008thursday 065



banana bread recipe 007Ah!  I made a successful banana loaf with modifications – the most low GI I have made up to now.  Sugar is REALLY expensive at the moment (all sorts of politics going on there!) .  So I thought I will make this the first recipe to be shared on this blog.  I am not really a foodie – so it might be the last recipe too! 

Here is the recipe  with MY changes.  I think it is a greatly healthy treat!

Extra Low GI Banana bread

2 large eggs

4 Tablespoons  (Tbs) honey

1 cup smashed bananas (About 3)

1/3 cup buttermilk (we use vanilla yoghurt here)

1 Tbs veg oil

1 teaspoon  (tsp) vanilla extract

1 3/4 cup cake flour

1 1/4 cup nutty wheat / all bran flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

weekinAugust 009For the method, I will show how we bake here without an oven, on a gas stove top! The way we do things is indicated in violet.

Preheat oven to 325F / 180 C  – Get the water in the big pot boiling – about 1 cup. Tie a tea towel around the lid to absorb excess liquid.Kightly grease a baking pan, dust with flour. 

Using an electric beater, beat the eggs and honey until light (I mix for about 2 minutes).  Smash the bananas and all wet ingredients together – blitzed in a liqudiser works for me!  Mix these int ote egg mix.  Add the dry ingredients, beat until just blended.  Transfer to prepared pan.    At the end, after all the moisture has dried up, switch off heat and allow the bread to bake in the dry heat of the pan.  For cooking time, keep the gas flame low for about 50 min.  Then switch off and keep in the heated pot for a while.

Bake bread until golden brown on top and tester inserted into center comes out clean (about 1 hour).  Turn onto a rack and cool.

TADA!  Healthy tropical snack coming up! 

And a pretty pic or 2 from the garden as a finale!

thursday 021thursday 062