creativity catch up

30 07 2011

Here are a few pics of what I have been doing with my hands in the last while.  Firstly, some recycling:

I have lots of little bits of paper that I cut off from notes for classes.  I cannot bear to throw them away.  I cannot bring myself to toss cardboard boxes either. I saw the idea in a ravelry group, and here are my own matchbook notebooks: 

creativity catchup 025creativity catchup 026

So if you want one, send a letter and a notebook could be on the way!  (ok, I know my brothers will now NEVER write!)

Then trying out things for the knitting classes.  This is with plarn – plastic bags made into yarn.  (we have no-to-little yarn (wool) here but plastic bags in ABUNDANCE lying around.  The aim is to use these to make things to sell.  But after this tryout I think we will make smaller items than shoulder bags! Work still in progress, though:

creativity catchup 045

I LOVE the patterns (self striping!) made by the yellow and black bags from aristoc, a great book store here.

Another knitted item, this baby blanket, made with local yarn (4 ply, 100% acrylic – I bragged about it in an earlier blog!)

creativity catchup 035creativity catchup 029

Then a task I have been busy with for about 6 weeks.  The oil takes so long to dry here, and we have been away for trips in between.  But it matches our curtains and speaks of the Africa we love:

creativity catchup 044creativity catchup 037


Ah!  it is so special to do things that you can see before the ideas. The gift of creativity MUST be used and cherished.




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