Brrooooom! Yuuummm!

18 07 2011

Please excuse the very basic level of onomatopoeia.  Sometimes the baser instinct emerges and says things best.


We now own a set of Ugandan wheels.  Banana bread 005

After a good deal of searching Deon has found something that will serve our needs – both as an exploration vehicle for work and for our own travels and discoveries. 

The vehicles here are originally from Japan – they come as second hand vehicles to the ‘bond yards’ here and are then sold again.  This car has had one Ugandan driver, and is still in good condition.  It is a ‘93 model (yes, 93), with under 100 000km driven.  It looks fit and ready to take us many more miles around East Africa.  YAY! 

Banana bread 004

Banana bread 001Dear Sarah-the-superb is STILL busy in the kitchen (but she did arrive late today – I am not a slave driver!) – but her great gift today and the reason for her busyness …

Can you guess what this is?  Take a closer look, can you get a whiff of the delicious scents emanating from the pot?  Right, it is brown, has a sweet aroma, and tastes delicious. 

Here’s a clue – it was cooked on this: Banana bread 008

which is called a sigili / sigiri in Lugisu.  (a charcoal stove)The stove is made of clay and costs about R7 ($1) in the market.  This stove is about 30 cm across, including the rim, and is not much taller than that.  Here’s a glimpse of the coals, nice and hot:

Banana bread 006





So.  Does that help you in figuring the riddle? Sarah-the-superb walked in to the kitchen this morning, saw 3 brown-black bananas and decided that a banana loaf was today’s great task.  So when I got back from class today, Mike had been tasked with watching so that the loaf did not overcook (it will not burn as the pot is placed in a saucepan of water) and we had this with a cup of tea: Banana bread 002


This is hopefully whetting your appetite a little more so that you will consider coming to visit us.  We are about ready to host guests and would love to share our world with you. 




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11 08 2011

I am loving you blog. I followed you over from Ravely after reading your post there. Africa sounds a wonderful place

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