Successes in the City

15 07 2011

We had a brief trip to Kampala on Wednesday and Thursday and both of us felt like we got a lot done. 

We visited the Makerere University Campus Geology department and Deon has appointed an Ugandan geologist trainee.  They also interviewed for other positions with strong possibilities for appointment. Deon has sourced places for lab equipment, bags for storage, and fit in a few other business meetings as well.

I love the Golf View Hotel, my favourite stayover place in Kampala.  The rooms are big, the people friendly and there is a good ol’ South African Spur (Steak restaurant) in the hotel.  It is right next to 2 malls where we can get a lot of what we need – Aristoc bookshop is a favourite hangout!  I bought a number of books for teaching, and a great book on simple health matters – I have been asked some medical questions beyond my scope. 

Another great benefit is that the hotel supplies decent amounts of water.  Normally there is one little bottle for the two of us.  Here we get 2 bottles in the fridge, another at the basic for teeth brushing and one for coffee.  Normally there are 2 bottles for coffee, and I asked the house-keeper for  an extra bottle or so as we booked in (she was finishing off with her cleaning).  She brought us about 4 bottles!  When I returned from the first excursion later there were even MORE bottles!  I just liked the look of them: Kampala 003 imagesCAWWC28N

Like little soldiers, guarding the gut from bad hydro-bacteria! 

I managed to find a little place in a basement bazaar that sells knitting needles!  They are pricey, and there is not a great range of sizes, but there is evidence of needles available in the country!  A lady offered to purchase  for me in the future and send along with a courier when I need more, as Kampala is an outing that needs great planning and the area (Kiyembe market) is bizarrely crazy!  The traffic is ridiculous, the streets crowded with every sort of pedestrian and vehicle possible and parking is impossible.   The  shop owner also had some needles that will do for working and finishing off projects, so our ladies can be just a bit more equipped.    Ah!  It feels so good to come across an unexpected blessing along the way.

We did some shopping for groceries we cannot find in Mbale and stopped for a treat that Kampala offers so well.  Good African Coffee shops make SUPERB cappuccinos – so creamy and the Ugandan coffee used is magnifique!  it is finished off so well too – you have gotta try this out one day!

Kampala 006

Unfortunately somewhere between the trip home and a piece of cheese for supper my gut reacted violently and the night was spent hovering over a white bowl.  I am lying in bed to write this… and I so wish to be up replanting seedlings, finishing my latest art work, preparing lessons for next week… But darling Sarah has just brought me the newspaper and I will try to regain my energy to do all the fun things tomorrow. 




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