Birds and blooms and a buddy this week

10 07 2011

IT has been a busy week.  I have taught 4 days this week, and Deon has been busy every day, including today. Yesterday was particularly rough for Deon, in a meeting with the community from around the mine. People are very hostile and it is so difficult to work into the future with this situation as it is.  Prayers that Deon will have wisdom and grace will make a difference.

We had supper with a new friend last night. Deborah is a Korean missionary here, and has been in Uganda for 7 years.  She shared a little of her testimony with us: when she first came to Uganda she could not speak English and was not certain of God and who He is. Over her years here she has seen how God is a LIVING God – the thing she was uncertain of when she left Korea.  Her English is improving and she feels far more convicted than ever about her calling.  Deborah is director of a nursery school near by.  She is the only Korean in town and gets lonely at times. Prayers for her ministry and life would be greatr too.

You don’t have to pray for the following… unless you really want to! But I thought I would share some of the beauty we have enjoyed in our garden this week:

Garden and around home 028Garden and around home 062

We had an amazing display of hamerkops (Hammerheads) on Monday morning, just in front of us. Four gathered in the tree,making a big noise as two seemed to be mating. It was great Bush TV! Hamerkopsmate

BloomThis beauty was shining in the morning light. Look at all the dew drops glistening in the glory of a great Creator! Moth

You cannot see the size here but this moth was about 10cm across, and sat gracefully on our porch rails for about 2 hours one morning this week.  There is an amazing variety of moth-life here. It is gorgeous.




Garden and around home 180sparrow

The Bronze mannikin loves the posho (maize porridge) leftovers from the pot. We love how the maize crusts around their mouths! And the sparrow loves the seed we put out.


Deon got this AMAZING shot of our resident Woodlands Kingfisher.  They have such attitude! 





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10 07 2011

Beautiful photos. I love the birds. Judy

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