things I have learned today

5 07 2011

Communicating with a deaf person to get directions is not easy (but said deaf lady can make amazing school sweaters!)

There are NO tapestry/wool needles to be bought in all of Mbale.

Rain can make a mess.

The market no longer feels like a scary place.

Your average night guard fits on the chain of empathy  somewhere between a fruitfly and a  pick-axe.  Especially when they sleep just at your room all night and then have great phone chats at 5.20.

When one has not had much sleep, an internet service that does not have a connection is enough to cause heart palpitations and make me want to say bad words.

Teaching knitting skills to ladies who have NO concept of knitting is not an easy task. Especially not when the teacher is a lefty and all ladies in the class are right-handed.

When teaching in this environment, white yarn does not stay white for long, especially when the cast-on is trying to be learned.

Patience makes a tremendous difference, to teacher and learners, and it is possible to still end the lesson with a smile.

The new (male) nightguard’s name is Queen (if we have it right!)

Sarah, our maid, would love to learn to play rugby. (She is finely built and gentle – but has a toughness that is not to be messed with!)




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