First lesson and the blessing of rain

4 07 2011

Sorry – this was written on Monday evening but there was NO 3G signal to send it last night – all the info relates to Monday’s happenings.


Today we had our first literacy / ESL class.  After a lot of preparation, thought and excitement I finally walked into the classroom full of eager faces.  Our classroom is about 4×3 m2, and I had told the co-ordinators that a group of 8 to 12 students would be ideal, and 15 a maximum.  There were 15 students in class!  The chance to learn is obviously something to be grasped.


Resources here are very limited, but sitting on the floor for two hours straight is a very do-able task.  I offered them a break to stand and stretch and the ladies looked at me as if they thought I was odd! Benches will be ready for Wednesday’s class.  Books, pencils and erasers are being provided; if not the ladies would probably not be able to attend. 

I dream of a real ministry to simple woman who are often undervalued and overworked.  I shared today around Hagar’s great revelation in Gen 16:13.   Amazing that this woman who has a very bad reputation in Christianity saw God and named God – how many others in the Bible did that?  And God reminded her that He watches her – when she had to go back to the difficulty of working for Sarah after running away, being a foreign slave in an unfair world, GOD WATCHES HER.  I LOVE the revelation of this verse!

classview1fIRST DAY TEACHING 018

As the class was ending rain started falling, then belting down.  It was impossible to leave the class, and we all huddled away from the open window where the rain was gusting in.  Alex, the leader of the organisation came and said that rain here is seen as a blessing.  As I have been praying for rain for a few days I agreed with that: may God bless this work and allow it to make a change in the lives of the ladies and  this town.  rainatdoorfIRST DAY TEACHING 014

When I eventually could head home we saw streams gushing down streets and people huddled under any available shelter.  The winds combined with the rain where our home is were destructive (unlike around the area where the class is).  We have six banana trees down, several tree branches broken and the rain was driven past our stoop, at least 3m wide, right into our lounge!  We have a great deal of cleaning up to do tomorrow and we are hoping that we have not lost too many bunches of bananas. 


Tomorrow is our first knitting class and I look forward to that: my lefty skills trying to teach a bunch of righties on our handmade needles… MMMM. 




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