Productive week this one!

1 07 2011

We have managed to get quite a great deal done this week – business in Kampala, meetings and reports written and I have been in active preparation for classes that begin next week. 

I went to pick up our ‘bluckaboard’ (blackboard) – painted plywood, neatly edged in black too – really great.  We love the workmanship in these workshops and so wish THIS place had made our bed instead of the shabby thing we have (but it cost too much for us to burn just yet – we need some use of it!) Here is some of their work:


This workshop is slightly more professional than the place where we bought our coffee tables, which looks like this:  (and this is very usual for Uganda!)


Our productivity (when power went out this afternoon and we had to use the time!) was to make knitting needles.  I have not been able to find any to buy in shops here, and there are ladies wanting to learn to knit, particularly for school sweaters.  It did not take too long and I was so impressed at our creative genius.  All the goods were bought at our local supermarket and cost about R15 / $2 to make 30 sets of needles!

ah! PRITTY!rowofneedles

Materials: bamboo sosatie sticks / meat skewers, epoxy glue and hair beads.  The true test will be in how well they knit.  It should be ok for learning with? !

Then as a final treat here are some birds that have visited our garden today:


Black and white casqued hornbills – noisy and adorable!


 Wildwaters lodge 105

cordon-bleu: cute and adorable.


                               The horrors who have invaded our yard: not so adorable (they eat the food we want to feed the real birds; and they are just not as pretty as the others!)




2 responses

1 07 2011

What a lovely blog. Love the birds! Judy

2 07 2011
Samantha Ballard

Love the photos of the birds, very cool! I think the needles you made should hold up as long as the wood’s not easily broken. Even so, as long as they’re used with care they should be fine.

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