some awesome moments in the busyness

29 06 2011

We had the chance to spend a night at Wildwaters Lodge, on an island in the Nile River on Saturday night.  This piece of heaven is between 2 large rapids on the river: there is the continuous sound of rushing water all about and at night it became quite overwhelming (who knew? the level of the Nile changes because of the hydro-power stations on the river). 

This lodge is a bit of luxury and spoil in the midst of a populous and busy nation.  It is not too far off the route between Mbale and Kampala, so is worth a visit again some time!  We were picked up and taken on the short trip to the island by boat (Deon loved this!) and then waited on for the night, except when left in privacy to explore, rest and enjoy the facilities. 


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small 069Wildwaters lodge 021

After the one night spent there it was back to business: in Entebbe and Kampala again.  I managed to acquire some books for the adult literacy classes I will be presenting but after asking around and looking in every place I could think of I saw that knitting needles are IMPOSSIBLE to find in the shops here!  We are now going to do knitting classes using skewer/sosatie sticks!  And I am investigating the plarn thing as normal yarn/ wool is very difficult to get but plastic bags lie around in abundance!  Apparently the ladies are ready and waiting for classes to begin: please pray as we get going with the literacy classes and craft lessons next week.




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30 06 2011
Miranda Paul

They can use the plastic bags and crochet them. I work with women in The Gambia who do just that. It has a tremendous impact on the environment as well as the economy in the village where the project is run. You can learn more about it by emailing me or visiting the Njau Recycling and Income Generating Group website at – Good luck with your classes!

30 06 2011

Hi.I have followed several of your blog entries – that is what convinced me to consider plarn! Thank you for stimulating brain waves in me and for making a difference in The Gambia.

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