Garden moments

20 06 2011

Life is not particularly eventful at the moment. We have been to and returned safely from Kampala (the journey back was made with two uninvited chickens, who were given to invited passengers.  Just a note – chickens smell and cluck, even when uninvited to do so.)   We are both trying hard to shrug off niggling sore throats, coughs, infections – these uninvited visitors may pack up and go now! 

So here are a few photos from around the garden again.  We are heading to the end of the rainy season but the ground remains abundant and fertile.  Ah!  Africa!

Garden 020Garden 016

Carrot seedlings. Plentiful!                     Boxes of seedlings of SA seeds –                                                        sprouting in just 5 days!

Garden 032


View from the bottom of our property: House behind top trees.

Garden small



Some other pretty sights in the garden:  it is looking lovely with new plants flourishing, and the sunbirds are beginning to enjoy our nectar feeder. 

Garden 011




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