Mud-hut opportunity

15 06 2011

In a place like Uganda it is really important to keep sensitive to God with regard to  where, who and how to help. 

There are so many who ask and one simply CANNOT always give: like the kids in the streets who have yelled “Mzungu!  Give me money!”, or this somewhat more developed argument in the market the other day:

As I was putting my foot out the car door a robust teen entered my personal space:  “Irish!” (ie- would you like to buy potatoes?”)

‘No thank you, I have got’. 

After clutching my bag tightly while buying capsicum (green pepper), tomatoes and lemons across the street, I stood alongside his space of selling vegetables on the sandy ground.  I was buying bananas from the lady next to him; she had to run around looking for ‘balance’ (change, which she did not have).  This gave the robust boy time to beg again. He started the approach reasonably civilly:

“You want onion.”

I glanced down at the rather weak offerings – he is trying to sell, not just beg, but the onions looked really bad, and I answered truthfully,’No thank you, I have got.’

“Give me some money.”


“So you want me to die?”

The typical teenage defiance I have seen in many places was present, as were the efforts at trying to push an Mzungu as far as he could.  I did not give him anything, told him he was not in danger of dying just yet, and wished my money along quicker. 


There are novel approaches to asking for help, and then there are the bits where I feel God really speaking and I think I can help.

I had a meeting with Sarah’s group this morning, at their structure which is now ready for use.  I had to hold in laughter and shock when I looked at the agenda – I was noted as “visitor/ managing director’”.  I did make it clear that I do not go in for titles and such high positions!  I do not even have an  idea of what a managing director does, with my remote experience of corporations!

SpringboardSringboard 2

   Our new classroom – dusty floors, no tables but good air supplies through roof and window (no glass pane).

What we did establish is that I will teach some ladies literacy and lead knitting classes, to improve the situations for ladies here.  I would really appreciate prayers, please – language will be an issue (there is no Lugisu dictionary, no books available, and there are differences in Northern and Southern dialects!) , level of teaching and getting equipment for knitting – we look set to try make our own needles from bamboo grown on the mountain!  (so far no parcels are arriving – ordering in the mail will not work!!)


I am overwhelmed, I think – at opportunities, that God wants to use me, and how to do this?    But I LOVE the challenge and chance to be creative.  I long to be in a place of helping in true discipleship, not hype or emotionalism. 




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