Great jubilation!

12 06 2011

konzekhayaOur boxes have arrived!  Deon was phoned early this morning and went on an emergency trip: the boxes we had sent from SA, 2 and a half months ago, had arrived in their containers at the mine!  But they were lying open, between mining goods.  Deon hardly waited for a cup of tea before dashing out of here!

There has been considerable effort to get this accomplished: We trekked out to the other side of Pretoria to deliver our goods: 4 or 5 boxes of arts and knitting equipment, books and camping stuff (tent and mattress, mostly) which would be packed in with various mining equipment.  We sent a list with the things and with the packing manager.  This list was affixed to a lid when it arrived but at at least 6 other times we had to send a list.  It would be too much to list the individual items: 3 balls of acrylic yarn, 2 balls of turquoise handspun, 1 tube vermillion, 1 tube paines grey, 1 tube prussian blue… But the authorities would just not be pleased. So the boxes had ALL been opened and dug through when Deon found them.  It does not seem like anything was taken, but a few handmade cards were destroyed and some items were very dirty.

Yesterday I had spent the entire day in bed. No, wait. Large parts of the day were spent in close proximity of a white porcelain bowl in a lonely room… It was not pleasant, it was not pretty.  I was left rather drained of energy.  But I gathered all my mental and physical resources to bravely face unpacking the boxes today, courageous warrior that I am… ^_^ 

So lovely to stroke balls of real wool, rack out tubes of colours of paints, arrange shelves of unread books, and my BIBLE – the study one, with many pencilled notes, that has travelled across India with me; reacquaint myself with my dictionary, haul out my file so that I can carry on with the writing course I started… AH!  Such small treasures mean a lot to me.

Now we are set to be in Africa, with all we need for survival (just a vehicle is lacking).  Things are great!


Most of our boxes were sturdy plastic – but one of those was cracked.  This was how the one cardboard box arrived – torn and dirty. 

Unpacking in progress in my little work corner, in our lounge.  Ah!  Creativity is about to spurt from this space! 




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