Artsy moods

10 06 2011

Our garden has some truly picturesque spots. We have longed to get our decent camera from SA, which came along on our latest trip, with a great new lens. 

This was a tryout on the lens in my mom’s garden: 119



The white-eyes and bulbuls gather at Mom’s nectar feeder throughout the day, jostling for position.  Gorgeous camera fodder!



It has been rather rainy since returning and things are slow at the moment – lovely and leisurely to get back into life here!  The seeds planted a day or so before we left are sprouting like crazy, weeds emerge from every possible (and impossible) groove and green abounds. The fresh earthy smell is constantly awakening all nasal senses. 

I have not been particularly productive, but this is part of my life lesson lately – BE, rather than do.

Some more moments in the garden: Roots blog

Ant on rose small

                                                                                  I LOVE the roots of all our trees

Lucky moment – ant and droplet.   






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