A short visit to the Motherland

31 05 2011

It is the middle of a week long visit back to SA.  Boy, did we choose superb weather! (NOT!) A balmy 0 degree Celcius tonight, day time highs of 12 or so – AAAARRGGHH!  Get me back to Uganda!

It is a great feeling to know that Uganda feels like HOME to us:  we are missing the climate, but also the people and our space.  We did value our being in Uganda  the past few weeks but this has just confirmed it – despite its madness and peculiarities, we love Africa (the real thing!) and cannot wait to get back there.

Both Deon and I have been feeling a bit off and Deon really has picked up a grim bug.  It is awful to see him sniffing, coughing and feeling pain.  It is under proper medical care but just makes for a less pleasant time here. 

It is super to spend time with the family, be surrounded by those we love and who love us and to share our stories of our new home.  We are also stocking up on the things we struggle to get in Uganda – so a few coffee stops to gain strength for the next session have to be fitted in! HO HUM!  Unfortunately we can’t do a lot of eating out at night – this cold is so darned… cold – and with a few sickies in the family it just won’t work.  So cuddling up in the lounge with a blanket or Dad’s great fire make for cosy evenings. 

A fact: Sniffer dogs can sniff.  I tried to smuggle in 2 of our gorgeously delicious avocados to share with the family.  When we were waiting for Deon’s bag, and mine had already come, the gorgeous little beagle walked past and showed particular interest in my bag.  My problem was that I had tried to smuggle the fruit past Deon too – he had said not to bring them and following in the footsteps of my non-airline-obedient grandfather (who brought a  dishwasher as hand-luggage once) I thought the avos were far too good to keep unshared.  Aforementioned doggie started clawing at my bag.  I asked his handler if the dog has different reactions for different substances (I would never ever try to smuggle drugs, so what was his fuss?) and the handler said he could smell “"agricultural products”. Dear doggie would not leave my bag, and Deon was starting to get agitated… I had to pull out our delicious fruit and hand over the loot!  Neither Deon nor I were very pleased (for different reasons) but I am sure the handler had great sarmies for lunch.   I no longer fancy the beagle breed.




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