Our helpers

25 05 2011

This is to help understand a little who is around us and I will mention the names at other times in other blogs – I learn a lot from these people every day!

In some ways it is just impossible to avoid colonial habits in a country entrenched in colonial ways.  I admit(not always too guiltily!) that it is a great pleasure to have somebody helping with dishes, to have the gardeners do their thing… it really is a blessing.

I know that some of my varsity friends and others of liberal mindsets will balk at the idea- are we not perpetuating slavery and colonialism in these habits?  Here, on the cold hard face of reality in Uganda, it is different.

We were approached by Richard, one of the helpers at another of the miners’ houses, to use these people.  Richard almost begged us to consider them.  Here are our helpers and a little of their stories to explain why by employing these people  there is a lot more going on than “colonial disempowerment”.

I am continually shocked when I realise what the going wages here are.  For 6 days of work a week, the average pay for gardeners and housekeepers is less than R600 a month; about $85 a month. (This is what the company pays.  We feel this is crazy and do supplement this. We also provide lunch and tea, which many others do not do.)  This measly amount is what was being pleaded for.


Somebody who has come to be a friend and great helper in a very short time is Sarah.  She leads me through the markets, prepares great matooke (plantain bananas) and helps to keep our house looking good.

I am discovering the heart of this precious woman day by day.  It is through her that I am becoming involved in a work that looks after numerous children- I want to help in training women with useful money-making skills. Sarah and her husband Evans are involved in leading this ministry which hopes to establish an orphanage.  Sarah and Evans have 4 children of their own (between 18 months and 10 years old)

I just discovered today that Sarah composes her own worship songs and has had one recorded!  We have been working on knitting together-  Sarah learned the basics last week- and I am certain that her heart is towards others:whatever she accomplishes is quickly given to those in need. 


Michael is our main gardener and works very hard at keeping the jungles around here tame! I see that he is regarded with honour by those who come here just for being who he is. Michael has three of his own children and has adopted another.

Michael is the pastor of a church and he lives a concern for the spiritual wellbeing of others – he wanted to know soon after our meeting if I was a believer.  Michael stays on our compound during the week and goes to his home (about 20 km away) on the weekends.  His honesty and help are great, and I know he spends a great deal of his work time praying.


Our newest worker is Titus.(Titus started 2 days ago)   He is recently graduated from a computer college and cannot get work in other places (the plight of many here.) Titus has a wife and a fairly new baby of 15 months. He is happy to be here on weekends, when Michael is away and is the appointed key man, to watch that we do not get locked in our compound by silly security men! 


I believe that God has brought these people to us for us to minister to each other.  I love that we have godly honest people to pray over our space and who make a difference to others when they leave this space.  Please pray for their ministries as well – that God will continue to use them as He desires. 




One response

7 06 2011

This is amazing what you are doing, and I’m really happy to be able to read a little about it. 🙂
God bless!

Londy from WR

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