Lots of running water — wheehaa

15 05 2011

It has been a great weekend. Deon has not worked at all this weekend and we have had a chance to discover a little more about this land that we live in.

Yesterday we drove up Wanale Ridge, my personal delight near to our home.

After Deon finished reading a cowboy book (his only reading pleasure!) this morning we decided to explore Sipi: in the foothills of Mount Elgon, a massive volcanic feature about an hour or so from Mbale.  We appreciated the amazing layers of evidence of volcanic activity (something we cannot see in SA). There were huge volcanic bombs within certain layers and then others with fine ash grains – Deon was in awe!

Whereas the roads up to Wanale Ridge were pretty awful the roads to Sipi were good (apparently a sign of support for the ruling party in govt) which means that when you come visit we can take you there without discomfort!

We have seen at least ten Waterfalls in the last 2 days- and each one is beautiful. As it is now wet season the waterfalls are looking spectacular.  The area is also vivid, bountiful green. It is life for a tired soul.

Unfortunately there was no area that is not populated: I heard a figure which states that the population of Uganda has trebled in the last ten years.  This shows itself in people all over! The tenuous slopes of steep hills are under banana trees and coffee crops, villages verge on the busy roads… what we would like to appreciate in solitude is impossible. Whenever we pulled the car to side of the road to take a picture a number of little (and large) bodies would offer to take us to the Falls, or ask directly for money. 

But the views are superb, from heights down to vast plains below and it inspires us to know that all the works of the Creator speak of His passion for us. Wow!

3 falls-SipiMain Sipi

Three main falls at Sipi                                     The Main Sipi Falls

View - Lacam Lodge



View down to the flats beyond the lava flows.  Can you see the crops growing on the slopes?

I am glad not to be farming there!




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