A few pics of the house

4 05 2011

Apologies: there are no inside photos here. I am far too embarrassed to show that just yet: we are camping quite a bit, curtains are not hanging (no hooks available in Mbale)  and we want it looking a bit more like a home before we send pictures around the world!  But here are a few for the really inquisitive – to give you a sense of Scheepers Landgoed/ Scheepers Estate. 

We LOVE the trees in this corner: Jacaranda, flamboyants and a few others.The first sight of our house. Kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom facing. It seems like helicopter landings are possible on the grand round thing in the middle.Great stoep, nice view! Then dining room, study, our room. Mango trees in background.Looking over valley, wonderful trees just ahead of us bring gorgeous birds. (About an acre of land before the house is included in lease.)This is how our curtains have been sewn - many such old Singers are still used here. Helpful when power goes out !




One response

6 05 2011

waiting for more pictures 🙂

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