Not in house yet, but so much to see!

2 05 2011

Detail of the cake - took up a HUGE table, on a stage, with an entire village of cake creations.

We are not in our house yet (which will happen tomorrow, it seems) but things are moving along quite well so it is fine.

I wanted to share a few photos: I did not have a camera with me for the entrance of the married couple, but there was a MASSIVE wedding here on the weekend, with a lot of cultural adherence, so lots for us to learn.

The married couple apparently hold some high profile positions: there were 600 guests expected at the wedding!    (When I went to take photos of the cake a man approached me. The conversation felt surreal:  “Are you one of us?”

“What do you mean by ‘us’? I just want to take photos of this very beautiful cake.”

“You are not a member of the media? You will not publish this information?”

 (My deepest apologies here- I am publishing the info – but no details, and I am not the media, I just liked the cake!)

“No, I am definitely not the media and I will not disseminate this.  THis is a lovely cake and I am interested in your culture…”

At which point the creator of the cake arrived and flattery achieved what lack of power and status could not!

The arrival of the bridal couple was something like I have never seen (or heard!). There is always much bling, and lots of noise.  Here the procession was led by 8 or 10 young men, with drums carried on their heads, pounding the entrance. There was a dancing troupe, dressed in day-glo colors with a large padding to make the butt look bigger. They would run forwards then backwards , ululating, dancing and announcing the entrance of the couple.  (If that does not make a bride feel special, NOTHING will!  I think she could have felt almost as loved as Katherine, who wed the day before!)

There is so much colour and vibrance here – the decor was bright blue and orange; and the school uniforms continue to appeal to me.

I love the colours and shiny texturesThe cake took up a HUGE table, taking central stage (it litterally did this: they built a platform for it!)Close up of parts of the cake. Lovely presentation: and a thatch roof made of spaghetti!

NOT MY PIC but something like the dancers we saw: huge drums, bum enhancements, fun!




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