This is NOT the Sipi entry.

23 04 2011

Another weekend, another car disappointment! We had hoped to visitSipiFalls, a beautiful area about an hour’s drive away- both last Sunday and today. Our desires to see the world must, however, come second to the needs of others to get to airports when their own vehicle overheats or when there is no fuel.  Please pray that we can find a good vehicle to buy for ourselves soon – dependence on the mine company’s provisions and whims leads to unpleasant frustration! 

So now, on a long weekend, we are stuck with walking- only options.  (Deon will not even consider a bodaboda! J) The hotel’s programme consists of very exciting plans:  live music (loud, very basey), banana peeling contests, dress-up shows: all exactly what you want on a weekend when the death and resurrection of the Lord is celebrated…

Great news is that we have found a house we would like to stay in. It has been standing empty for a while, and hopefully we can get some cleaners in by Tuesday to clean up a bit. The place is a lovely space where we hope we will make a haven and others can feel welcome and peaceful too. The house itself is a 3-roomed home, with wide windows (all covered in mosquito netting) and good cupboard space and built in bookshelves.  The security around the house looks good too.  There is also a good structure outside: a garage, 2 bedroomed guesthouse (probably mine-office use) and a servants quarters space.

What we really like, though, is all the outside space. There is a beautiful Jacaranda tree at the gate, and numerous banana, pawpaw and mango trees around the house. We also get about an acre of land sloping down in front of the house that is planted with bananas, pawpaws and even has chicken coops built in! 

Every single wall in the houses and outside is painted green: hospital green.  The roof is dark green. I am certain that it can be seen on google earth: find Mbale Resort hotel, and about 8 houses up in the same road you should see our house.  We hope to move in ASAP. (photos will follow shortly).

I have been tickled by names of businesses, etc here.  There is a large presence of nominal Christianity and it is obvious that using a Christian cliché as a name will bring all the forces of good to rest on activities (or so it appears).  Here in town we have Rhema Touch Secretarial Bureau, and I jotted down some names I saw in and around Kampala: Psalm 23 Beauty and Bridal Services; God is Able Fresh Dairy Milk; Jesus Cares Supermarket; Ebenezer Anointed Vocational Training; Annointed Driving School and The Speckled Bird Ministries (I have no idea where that name is Scripturally referenced).  The names bring smiles to my lips but I have no idea if the names really indicate the level of service, etc.

A few other entertaining names: Saloon The Best Man: Made in Uganda; Better View Primary and Nursery School; Turkish Light Academy; Fresty Hardwares… Creativity abounds here. I am learning new English every day:  a saloon (salon) advertises “for a real barbing touch!” (eina!) and a car care bay offers ‘hooving’. 

(obviously there are entertaining options just about everywhere one looks!)

Hopefully we will one day let you know of whatSipiFallslook like. But for today it will be bird watching in local walking distance…




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