Of markets and movement

13 04 2011


A lot of time for me has been spent just mulling around: the hotel is a safe place to just relax a bit and I especially enjoy mornings out at the pool on a recliner. There is no-one else  using the facility (although there are many staff around), the sapphire blue sends tranquil reflections into my heart and I get time to read, meditate and try to catch up on my writing course.

The entire town has been without power since Monday and unless a place has a generator they are useless.  The hotel has a generator but it chokes out black sos smoke signals far more than it offers power. We try to grab some computer recharge when we can. The kitchens have also been badly affected (instead of a usual meal taking about 45 min it now takes up to 2 hours) and the poor staff are pushed to their limits of usual Ugandan friendliness.  We recognize that firm alternatives  to grid power need to be in place here.  Discussions about this always provide good conversation fodder!

I have been trying to discover the town a little while Deon slaves away over reports, investigations and maps. I have just returned from getting a post box ordered so we can receive mail!  Don’t include things which are valuable, and we have seen the recommendation that you draw religious icons or write “Religious material included” across parcels: spiritual items should apparently not be tampered with! If sending parcels (which would always be great) a padded envelope is best. I am very proud of making this acquisition all by myself and it only took a few days!  I needed passport photos, which took some doing as without power most shops could not print them, but eventually got it right in a crowded and dirty little spot in town. And there was no queue at all at the post office – Ah!  Bliss!

We now have a hired car and driver and I took full advantage of that today: I wanted to get a feel of the market, which is the heartbeat of any African town. I was dropped off here and felt rather nervous about going in alone and so I did not take a camera – when Deon feels brave enough to go with me there is a profusion of photographic images calling out to be captured forever!

I found the area outside to be bustling but the driver commented that it was a quiet day today!  I entered the market into narrow alleys crowded with all things sellable. There is a clear order in the mayhem: different sections sell specific goods: vegetables and fruit together, cooked food just a short space away, houseware just a bit further along: first the Ugandan kind of each uniquely made clay stoves, wooden implements and large alluminium pots and the jarring mass produce of Indian plastic kitchen goods besides that, then sheds spreading the colourful clothing that Africa loves. I was not there for long, but will definitely return as there is a vibrancy and compulsion to the place – and it is the only spot to get fresh vegetables in town!

I am finding out about opportunities to meet people: there are groups that meet up in the week, and I offered to help out at one missions-based place today… will let you know of developments.

We don’t know specifics of when we will move to our house yet, and prayer for Deon at work will be appreciated.




One response

13 04 2011
Allan Sutherland

I can just see you oohing and aahing at things in the market place. Wish I could spend just one day there with you, when you show me this and that…. but no ride on the bodaboda for me.

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