And the first full week begins…

11 04 2011

We are starting to find our feet around town but are by no means at home in this little town yet.

The town is dusty and seems to get less rain than some other places we have seen: I think Wanale Ridge, the huge orographic barrier behind town, has something to do with this.  It is a pretty ridge and there is at least one good waterfall visible with a good view. The ridge can also be covered in cloud- it reminds me of the mountains around Table Mountain at times.

I have landed myself the status of girl-alone surrounded by many mining men! A few wives are thinking of coming to live but for the moment I am surrounded by some crass language, rough speak, and some superb offerings of kindness too! (They really miss any signs of home and keep a BULL as pet at the mine!) I was offered a stuk (piece) of biltong by one man last night: a great sacrifice! I am trying to adjust to a very different group of peers to my old friends from FCE – missions group this is not!

I had my first “bodaboda”  ride this morning: this is the most efficient way of covering short distances in Uganda. A ‘bodaboda” is a motorbike with a large seat space at the back; they are named for travelling from border to border (Kenya to DRC) in days gone by. Balance is important but I felt fine. (It is not unusual to see up to four people on a bodaboda; or any (maybe all?) of the following:  television, coffin, goats, huge bunches of bananas or any other items needing to be moved around. Bodabodas and bicycles are probably the most used vehicles in Uganda.

I will write in a little more detail at some time about the title of our blog, but a quick explanation is that the title is from a GM Hopkins’s poem.

Off to go swim now: the water is idyllic and when there are not crowds around it is a wonderful place to be.




One response

11 04 2011
Allan Sutherland

And no birthday celebrations then???? Hope you’ve had a fabulous day anyway. Lots of love from Mom and Dad

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