8 04 2011

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Entebbe International airport must have one of the prettiest settings around. Even standing waiting in the queue was made more bearable by looking out over a part of Lake Victoria, with green lushness all around. One of my first feelings is that Uganda seems a bit cleaner than other African countries I have visited. We had a good hotel on the first night and then the drive from Entebbe to Mbale was spent trying to absorb everything possible in the 5 hour drive.

• This is a colourful country: the brighter the better. School children ran running along the road in vivid green, lurid pink and gaudy purple uniforms. The same colour purple is also a favorite for lounge suites and even coffins that were for sale alongside the road.

• This is an explorable country: there are all the exciting natural habitats we long to get into plus awesome rainforests, vast papyrus swamps and the massive lakes around that we can’t wait to get to investigate.

• This is a friendly country: the first comment many people make is “You are welcome”, with a great grin on the face. We are made to feel comfortable and helped by all means – even when we thought we had left our passports at a previous hotel, this hotel told us it was no problem. (Passports were found, we are fine! )

• This is a challenging task we face. Immediately we have realized that there are spiritual forces and there is obviously something that God wants us to do in this place. We have already had complaints against our tenants from a long-standing opposition; things do not happen easily here; Deon’s job is not going to be smooth sailing (we did expect all this) but it makes us aware that we need prayer backing and we are where God wants us!

For now: Obe mulyi (Goodbye) and much love to you all.




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14 04 2011

🙂 really liked ur pos karen 🙂 beautiful 🙂 am sure God has a wonderful plan for ul 🙂

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